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Calumet All-Sports Booster Club

2010 Members

Copper Kings


Blue and Grey



Dave and Colleen Aird
Mrs. Dorene Aird
Copper Country Ford
Wallace J. Reed
James and Carol Bacon
Jack Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bausano
Carl and Jane Bjorn
Mark and Cindy Bonenfant
Bucko's Party Store
Dennis and Nancy Bykkonen
William & Dorothy Bykkonen
Krista (Johnson) Carlson
John & Nora Dee
Robert and Virginia Erkkila
Bill Frantti
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frantti
Tom & Julie Froberg
Kevin & Missy Harju
Steve and Allison Hein
Jim & Lana Hughes
Sean and Theresa Jacques
Shane and Liisa Jacques
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
Carole Kitti
Bob and Mary Kuopus
Pat McCabe
Charles and Victoria Nelson
Mrs. Judi Nuottila
Sally Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Paulson
Wayne and Barb Sickler
Mike and Sarah Steber
Brian and Betty Rae Taivalkoski
Ray and Diane Tiberg
Joel & Julianne Tuoriniemi
George and Lisa Twardzik
Gerald Vairo
Jason and Jennifer Wickstrom
Steve & Diane Woodworth
Calumet Electronics
River Valley Bank
Todd Lightfoot
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Larochelle
Darryl and Amy Pierce
Robert and Marcia Frantti
John Keenan
Dave and Marianne Liimatta
Randy Wetelainen
Mike and Roberta Maki
Ken and Nancy Twardzik
Erickson Crowley Funeral Home
Matt and Maria Vertin
Brian and Sheila Rheault
Dr. Michael Baker
Michael and Jennifer Farley
Dan Mattson


Jim Balagna
Harry & Marcia Bennetts
Dan & Lori deBeaubien
Julie and Steve Dlubala
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Galetto
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Glinn
Bill and Elsa Green
Diana Hein
Ken and Lana Hyrkas
Don Johnson
Roger and Laura Kangas
Mary Beth Kedzior
Bill & Martha Larson
Mr. Paul Lehto
Elaine Lemler
Mr. Jack MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. James Mattson
Lee and Jan McCrimmon
Mary Niebuhr
Mrs. Margie O'Connell
Mr. Ken Pelto
Jim and Jamie Plowe
Phillip and Mary Storm
John Winquist
Cheryl Yeo
Debbie Zigman-Wahoviak
Gwen Storm
Bill and Karen Hyrkas
Gerald and Danise Jarvey
Todd and Julie Langseth
Dennis and Nancy Massoglia
Red Carpet Systems
Mary Patricia Ryan
Paul and Elaine Sturos
Designotype Printers
Emil and Bonnie Dyni
Carol Pietila
Chris and Susan Coy
Dan Mandoli
Dave and Linda Fredrickson
John and Doris Lund
Gregg and Cheryl Patrick
Tracy Clevenger


Ruth Sablich
Phil and Cathy Baranowski
Barbara E. (Vogeler) Bays
Ms. Shirley Burrows
Bill and Joan Darnell
Fred Gaabo
Andrew  Halonen
Hewitt and Janice Hammer
Angeline Junttila
Sue and Steve Kangas
Parkway Motors
Herman Jewelers
Jerry & Carol Leininen
Tony and Phyllis Locatelli
Ken & Dorothy Manninen
Karl & Ruth Parks
Mrs. Darlene Pomroy
Mr. Merlyn Rastello
James and Shirley Slusarzyk
Vera Stellberg
Frank Stubenrauch
Linda Stubenrauch
Mary Taivalkoski
Marco Tobias
Ann and Dave Torola
John Voelker
Mary Wheeler
Margaret Benda
Ralph Mackey
Verna Daavettila
R.S. Hodges
Carl Lukezich
Burt Arola
Judith Vairo Best
Mary Bratetich
R. Henry Palosaari
Russell and Virginia Tikkanen
Steve and Barb Vichich
Don and Peggy Kauppi
Brad and Karyn King
George and Linda Kingstrom
Larry and Mary Jo Kristopovich
Aspirus-Keweenaw Home Nursing and Hospice
Dr. Joseph Baron
Meryl Kallio
John and Charmaine Parsons
Eric and Jennifer Bjorn
David and Linda Lasanen
Stan and Betty Randell
Dr. Phoebe Wienke
Patti Timmons and John Finger
Peterlin Distributing
Michael and Janet Dudenas



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